5 Actor Website Must-Haves

As an actor, you know you need a website. But what information do you put on your acting website?

When a casting director, agent, director, or producer looks at your website, they are looking for specific things to determine if they should cast you for the role. Your website isn’t for you, it’s for them. Be sure to include the following elements on your website to give yourself the best change of landing the gig.


1: Headshot

Any actor worth their salt has plenty of headshots to choose from. Picking one strong headshot to display on the home page of your website gives a strong, clear depiction of you to a casting director. Choose a photo in which you are lit properly from all sides (no shadowy, moody headshots here – those can go in your gallery.) Your facial expression is important to consider, so be sure to choose a headshot that portrays the type of character you’re aiming to get cast as.


2: Reel

A video reel of your acting work is absolutely essential in the entertainment industry today. If you don’t have a reel, create your own using free software you can find online. Don’t worry if its not “perfect” – having any kind of reel is better than no reel at all. Of course if you’re in a position to invest in your acting career, enlisting some professional help in creating your acting reel is a smart move. Keep in mind that your reel needs to be brief and to the point. No casting director will watch 15 minutes of your work, no matter how great you are. Your acting reel should be no longer than three minutes long.


3: Essential Info

Make sure to include some basic information about yourself, and how to reach you. Casting agents are often looking for actors with specific characteristics: brown hair with hazel eyes, taller than 6′ with black hair, etc. They’ll also want to know if you’re affiliated with any unions.

  • Height & weight
  • Eye & hair color
  • Union affiliations
  • Email address
  • Phone number
  • Agent info (if you have one)

Hopefully after seeing your headshot and reel, the casting director will want to contact you to invite you to audition for the role. Good for you! But you might sabotage yourself if your contact information is hard to find. Make your contact information very easy to find on your site. Put your email address and phone number at the top and bottom of your site, and make a dedicated “Contact Me” page with the information as well.


4: Credits & Roles

You’ve got a great look, your reel is great, and it seems like you fit the bill. But how experienced are you? Casting directors and producers will want to know what other films and/or shows you’ve been in, to make sure you know how to handle yourself. List out your previous credits and roles in an easy-to-read way, and be sure to list the show title, your role, and the network/company it was for.

It can be tempting to list all the gigs you’ve ever worked, but sometimes that can be overwhelming to look at. List the top 5 to 10 roles that you’re the most proud of in a prominent place on your site. You can list all your work, but do it on a dedicated page on your site, so casting directors can see everything if they want to. On your home page, just put your favorites, so the see the highlights.


5: Personality

Lastly (and maybe most importantly), your website needs to showcase your unique personality and character. There are a lot of other actors out there you have the same hair color, similar skills, and comparable experience – but there’s only one of you. Show the casting director your special brand of personality so you stand out from the rest of the pack. You might include a few photos of you playing a more “niche” role, or include some quirky “fun facts” about yourself. Express yourself a little on your website, but don’t go overboard; you want to be taken seriously, after all!



If you include those five things on your acting website, you’ll have covered the most important bases that casting directors are looking for. You can continue to add things in the future, but keep in mind that sometimes less is more. You want a professional-looking site that shows you take your career seriously, and are prepared for the role they’re offering. Don’t have a website yet? Take a look at our acting website service and get a professional site – with all 5 must-haves – in minutes.