Actors Compass Event at Romancing the Bean Cafe

We are excited to announce the Actor Website Drop-In, our first in-person event on Thursday, September 8, at Romancing the Bean Cafe (map) in glamorous Burbank, CA! Actors are invited to drop in any time between 2:00 and 4:00, during which the Actors Compass co-founders will answer actor-y, web-y questions and help people set up their Actors Compass website on the spot. The cafe will have awesome drinks and food. Shannon, Grant, and Helen will have all the answers to everything*. Sounds just about perfect, right?

Coffee Meetup Flyer

Even though Actors Compass is a cinch to use, we understand that it’s intimating and overwhelming to try something new. We all have mental blocks when it comes to taking things to the next level and doing something major, especially when it’s good for us. Why is that? Anyway, we thought providing some real-life hand-holding in a pretty, cozy coffeeshop would help ease the pain. Plus, we really do know some stuff when it comes to websites and acting business stuff, so we can also provide clarity on things you’ve been foggy about. And stuff. Please tell your fellow LA actor friends about the event and swing on by yourself to grab a cup of coffee and say hello!

* Shannon, Grant, and Helen will not have ALL the answers to everything. Just all the answers to almost everything.