TROUBLESHOOTING: Adding and Deleting Credits

A number of AC sites are experiencing difficulty either adding new credits or deleting credits from the resume panel.  While we work on fixing this for you, please follow these steps:

If you are experiencing problems adding a resume credit, make sure you click the “save changes” button after each new credit added.
If you are experiencing problems deleting a resume credit, perform a hard refresh in the browser by typing either CMD+r (on Mac) or CTRL+r (on Windows or Chrome). Then open the credit you’d like to delete and click the “Delete Credit” button. This works in most cases.
If you follow the above steps and are still having trouble, please send us a note!

Thanks for your patience while we make some necessary updates!


5 Actor Website Must-Haves

As an actor, you know you need a website. But what information do you put on your acting website?

When a casting director, agent, director, or producer looks at your website, they are looking for specific things to determine if they should cast you for the role. Your website isn’t for you, it’s for them. Be sure to include the following elements on your website to give yourself the best change of landing the gig.