The Actor Website Drop-in held at Romancing the Bean Cafe last Thursday was a great success! The purpose of our first in-person event was to introduce our product and provide our expertise and resources to actors. Even in this digital/social media age, nothing beats a little real-time face-to-face. You feel me?

Our “industry brain” Shannon came into town for the event, and for a brief but sweet moment, the crew was reunited. Shannon literally busted out in song when the three of us saw each other: “Reunited and it feels so good…” (Take it away, Peaches and Herb.) While Shannon was in town, we also carved out some time to visit a handful of acting classes at John Rosenfeld Studios to spread the good news about Actors Compass. It was super rewarding to talk to real actors, to hear their positive feedback about Actors Compass, and receive insightful suggestions. Sometimes you forget why you’re doing what you’re doing when you work in a bubble. Shannon, Grant, and I realized that it’s good to get out there amongst the people from time to time.


Thanks to last Thursday’s event, we got a great boost in the number of Actors Compass converts. Woohoo! We’ll be showcasing some great-looking AC actor websites in the coming weeks. Check us out on Facebook and Twitter for those!

Missed the Actor Website Drop-in? Not to worry! The current version of Actors Compass will be forever free and super easy to use! Watch our two-minute video below and sign up for Actors Compass today. Whether you’re at Romancing the Bean or in your own kitchen, you could have your very own actor website in the time that it takes you to drink your cup of morning coffee. How’s that for an awesome way to start your morning?