AC Interview: Shannon “Max” MacMillan, Part 1

Shannon is a co-founder and the “industry brain” at Actors Compass. With 20+ years of experience in the acting industry and 10+ years as a web developer, she has built, reviewed, and consulted on hundreds of actor sites. The idea for Actors Compass grew out of a business workshop Shannon teaches to graduating acting students at various schools and theaters. A few weeks ago, Helen, also a co-founder and the “all-up-in-your-business brain”, sat down with Shannon to discuss all things Actors Compass.


Do’s and Dont’s of a Great Actor’s Website

You know what it’s like when you go to a bad website. It takes like 0.05 second for you to say, “ew.” Seriously. It’s been proven. Google did a study a few years ago and they found out that it literally takes 1/20 of a second for someone to form a decision about your website. So now that you have your actor website, you have to make sure that everything is shipshape. Here are some important do’s and dont’s to keep in mind as you get everything together for your awesome site.


Put an image of yourself on every page of your site. When agents and casting are looking at your resume, they don’t want to have to click away to remember what you look like.

Make sure you provide a way for that casting agent to get a hold of you easily […]


5 Actor Website Must-Haves

As an actor, you know you need a website. But what information do you put on your acting website?

When a casting director, agent, director, or producer looks at your website, they are looking for specific things to determine if they should cast you for the role. Your website isn’t for you, it’s for them. Be sure to include the following elements on your website to give yourself the best change of landing the gig.