We’ve Launched!

It’s alive! It’s alive!

The Actors Compass Dashboard and Customizer

After four whirlwind days of designing, programming, and general goofing off on constant repeat while subsisting on coffee and beer (and flank steak and tacos and pizza and pie and — we could seriously go on and on), we’re so proud to launch Actors Compass! Our debut version of Actors Compass is FREE and totally unique in the market of actor website tools. Want to see how it works? Visit our Demo!

This scene between Shannon and Grant could be 11am or 11pm (except you can see the sunlight through the blinds)

The Actors Compass retreat was a complete success. We worked super hard, laughed a lot, and broke out into random nonsensical song-and-dance routines for four awesome days. Yes, you get to make up your own log weekend when you freelance, people. It was pretty epic to see all of our hard […]


Hello, Tucson!

After an eventful day of driving that involved really good jerky, a wondrous place called Gem World, and some free-style operatic singing, Grant and I finally arrived in Tucson for our first-annual Actors Compass Retreat. The open road is always fun but the fact that we on our way to a weekend of creative pow-wowing and flexing of dev muscles with Shannon made the little journey all the more exciting.

Technology makes distance between friends and colleagues a non-issue in terms of keeping in touch and being productive but there’s nothing that can replace the real-life experience of Shannon’s magical breakfast cabbage-and-sweet-potato hash or midday tequila shots with plenty of snuggle time with Leo, the official AC mascot.